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About the Awards & Honors


The Awards Ceremony recognizes women and organization from different industries, communities, and professions that empower, enlighten and enrich other women through the work they do in their respective industry, profession and community.

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The honors are bestowed onto community leaders both nationally and internationally that are advocating for the advancement of women in their professions, industries and communities.

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Rise Award

The Rise Award recognizes rising stars in their respective industry, community, or profession who are empowering other women along their journey.

Soar Award

The Soar Award recognizes women already taking the stage and expanding their platform to empower other women. 


Blaze Award

The Blaze Award recognizes women influencers that are established and continues to set the stage for other women through exemplary leadership, mentoring and sponsoring.

Vanguard Award

The Vanguard Award recognizes and affirms organizations that support the empowerment of women in their space through active engagement to build up women into leadership roles.



Our sponsors are an important part of our events success as we organize an event that brings an experience for all in attendance. By supporting the event, you are supporting the funding and implementation of our current and future programs and operations.

We hope to inspire women to elevate each other through intentional celebration of one another in an environment that is welcoming and uplifting. Nourishing the spirit with a flame and desire to continue to be an influencer in their respective businesses, communities, professions, and industries. 

We also take the opportunity to showcase individuals and organizations that support us through the different incentives offer in the sponsorship packet.

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