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Embarking on a journey of self discovery and actualization does not have to be a lone journey. At Banwo Foundation, we look to be that support group that is there to elevate you to the level you seek for yourself through our empowering tools and nurturing environment.


Banwo Foundation's mission is encapsulated in its four pillars - Wealth Develop, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Health and Wellness with the aim to enrich, enlighten and empower, the four pillar program of Wealth Development, Education, Advocacy and Health & Wellness provides the tools to engage women of all ages but most importantly women between ages 18 and 24.

Banwo Awards & Honors Brunch 

This is the organization's annual signature event that recognizes impactful community leaders and influencers; creating a space of fellowship, adoration and celebrations.

Banwo Life Skills Fellowship

This is a competitive fellowship program that seeks to educates young women for personal and professional growth. This cohort will participate in a compulsory 4-month program with a tailored curriculum that covers foundational element of the four pillars.

Community Talk Initiative

This is an interactive initiative that will cultivate conversations around issues that are important to underrepresented women.

iSTEAM Conclave

This is an interactive programming around science, technology, engineering, arts & math to capture daily experiences that makes for our personal growth.

Founder Leadership Workshops

This initiative bring together local community influencers and business leaders to share in insights to in a Forum and workshops format with the planned content to cover diverse topics that supports underrepresented women professional development.

Ambassador Initiative

This is a leadership & advocacy initiative focused on underrepresented women and open to Banwo awardees and honorees.

Your Support Matters

We are responsible for the change we want to see.

With your support, Banwo Foundation can continue to build on its space to create influential leaders that would keep the torch lit for those coming behind them.

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